Since the approval of Aricept® by the FDA in 1996, there has been minimal progress in the diagnosis and treatment of patients with Alzheimer’s disease.  This lack of progress is also true of other cognitive disorders such as schizophrenia, traumatic brain injury, and ADHD.

A primary reason for this lack of progress has been an inability to precisely measure the cognitive deficits associated with these disorders, and consequently, any pro-cognitive effects of new therapeutics.

Current methods for evaluating cognitive disorders include behavioral testing (which is not accurate enough to detect small changes in a patient’s cognitive performance), brain structural imaging (which does not measure cognitive activity at all), and measures of brain biochemistry (which also do not measure cognition).

The lack of a “cognitive biomarker”, which can be acquired in a practical and cost-effective manner, is the crucial limiting factor in improving the care for millions of patients with cognitive disorders.

Neuronetrix was founded to solve this problem.  The company has developed a range of electrophysiology-based products which allow clinicians, neuroscientists, and the pharmaceutical industry to easily test patients for cognitive dysfunction.  These cognitive biomarkers not only provide important diagnostic information to the clinician but can also be strategically important to pharma companies by providing precise measures of pharmacodynamic effects.

Our guiding policy is to leverage the convergence of advanced technologies, such as, microelectronics, high-performance sensors, wireless communications, web-centric topologies, sophisticated numerical algorithms, and massive computing resources to develop easy-to-use, automated, practical neuro-diagnostic products and services.  The result of our efforts is the COGNISION™ family of products.

COGNISION™ is being marketed to academic researchers, pharma companies, and most importantly, the thousands of clinical professionals who care for patients with cognitive disorders.

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